Listener Supported Radio

There are several ways to support local community radio on KWRH 92.9FM

Tax-Deductible Donations:

  • Monthly Supporter Program: Monthly Donors provide KWRH with a steady source of income throughout the year. You may specify the donation amount ($10 minimum) and the day of the month on which it is to be charged.

  • One-Time Gift: Donations of any amount are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. They are the reason we're on the air!

  • We accept all major credit cards for recurring Monthly Supporter Program donations, as well as for One-Time Gifts.

To make a gift by mail, make your check payable to: WRHM / KWRH Radio

Mail to: KWRH Radio • Webster Rock Hill Ministries (WRHM)

111 East Waymire Ave. • Webster Groves, MO 63119

Business/Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities with On-Air Acknowledgement

(See MESSAGING STANDARDS below for guidelines on permissible language under IRS rules for non-profit sponsor-acknowledgements)

  • General Station Sponsorship

    • Business Supporter Level 2 ($50): 120 monthly airings of your prerecorded 15-second announcement (4-5 daily airings × 7 days/week)

    • Business Supporter Level 1 ($75): 120 monthly airings of your pre-recorded 30-second announcement (4-5 daily airings × 7 days/week)

    • Business Spotlight ($100): 90 montly airings of your pre-recorded 60-second announcement (3-4 daily airings × 7 days/week)

  • Specific Show Sponsorship: sponsor any of KWRH's in-house produced/syndicated shows, or music hours, with a 3-month minimum commitment

    • 15-Second Announcement ($10 per show airing): your pre-recorded 15-second sponsorship announcement airs once per show airing, during the break.

    • 30-Second Announdement ($15 per show airing): your pre-recorded 30-second sponsorship announcement airs once per show airing, during the break.

Donation amount for specific show depends on how often the show airs/re-airs. For example, a 15-second sponsorship announcement on a show that airs twice a week would be $10 x 2 airings x 4 weeks = $80 per month, or $240 for the required minimum 3-month sponsorship commitment.

On-Air Show:

  • If your business has customers, you can have listeners! Why not create an informational radio show to explore in-depth the needs and solutions your business fulfills in the community? After all, you're the expert! Premium time slots on KWRH 92.9 FM are available. Contact General Manager Mark Langston for more information: (314) 736-4511 or email to


Sponsor messaging on KWRH 92.9 FM may include:

  • Business name, operating division or parent company

  • Business street location, phone number and/or website

  • Value-neutral product or service descriptions

  • Event dates and locations

  • Up to 3 trade names, product or service listings which help identify the business

  • An established corporate slogan

  • Description of your target market

  • Length of time in business

  • Calls-to-action of a non-transactional nature

  • The call-to-action should not be the primary focus and not imply deadlines or discounts

  • Subtle references to price, interest rates, discounts, specific financing information

Sponsor messaging on KWRH 92.9 FM may not include:

  • Calls-to-action which direct the audience to call, to visit, to try, to compare

  • Claims of comparison or language that is overly promotional or self-congratulatory in nature. Avoid superlatives (e.g. best, fastest, biggest, legendary, famous, renowned)

  • Award or prize mentions; exceptions may be granted for factual major motion picture or music industry nominations or awards

  • Price and value information (including “free”)

  • Inducement-to-buy statements which direct the audience to purchase the product (e.g. free trial period, two for one)

  • First or second person pronouns (e.g. I, me, you)

  • The words “you,” “your” and “we.” The use of these words implies a relationship between the sponsor and the listener

  • Coupons

  • Health claims

  • Expression of a viewpoint on a controversial issue

  • Support of or opposition to a political candidate or ballot initiative. All sponsorship copy subject to approval.

KWRH-92.9 FM reserves the right to reject copy based on content. Copy should align with the noncommercial tone of public radio.

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Donations are nonrefundable. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The IRS recognizes Webester Rock Hill Ministries (WRHM) DBA KWRH-92.9 FM as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity.

Gifts to WRHM / KWRH 92.9 FM are tax deductible in the U.S.A.

No goods or services were forwarded or offered in exchange for this contribution.


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