General Manager, Ellie Wharton,( Front Left-Left side)

and community supporters at the KWRH-LP ribbon cutting ceremony



It is our bedrock belief that when more people are given the chance to showcase their

talents and voice issues of local importance, a richer understanding

among residents will occur, solid decision-making processes will be enhanced,

and the vibrant spiritual and emotional health of the community will be upheld.


That’s the touchstone of our approach.


This is an opportunity for the Webster Groves, Rock Hill, Glendale, Warson Woods and Shrewsbury communities to claim their local slice of the airwaves and voice their unique

vision for a better future.




KWRH-LP Radio operates to showcase local talent, voice issues of local importance, create a richer understanding and unity among residents while enhancing the vibrant spiritual and emotional health of the community.







We are passionate about the 63119 communities because we are from the 63119 communities.

Ellie Wharton
General Manager
Mari Roberts
Digital Marketing Director
Wynn Miller
Mary Taylor
Office Administrator
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Ellie Wharton

General Manager